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          Location:Home>R&D>Molds R&D>Closure Molds


          Closure Molds

          1,24 cavities of closure mold R&D for edible oil bottle  

          2,New type compression closure mould R&D to improve the production efficiency

          Compression Closure Mould Specifications

                    Closure Specification          

          GDXL Mould Model

          HR Closure Aseptic Closure CSD Closure Water Closure Compression closure machine which GDXL mould can be applied to
          1810、1881 38mm 1810、1881 38mm 1810、1881 29/25、30/25
          YGM S32 Sacmi CCM32M
          YGM S48 × × Sacmi CCM48S
          YGM S48 Sacmi CCM64M

          Injection Closure Mould Specifications

          GDXL Injection Mould Model Slitting Type Closure Type 32 48 64 72 96
          ZGM W1 Post Slitting 1810、1881、3025、2925、2622 450x660 600x750 740x780 600x1030 740x1080
          ZGM N1 In-mould Slitting 1810、1881、3025、2925、2622 600x670 600x900 600x1140 760x920 760x1160
          ZGM W2 Post Slitting 38mm 450x900 620x900 790x920 790x1020
          ZGM N2 In-mould Slitting 38mm 740x820 740x1100 1010x1170