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          Core Value

          • Enterprise Vision
            Enterprise Vision

            1/ Devoted to become a trustworthy and respected partner, to make our customers more valuable.

            2/ To become the most valuable brand in the eyes of our customers.

            3/ To build the reputation of GDXL with the craftsman’s spirit in PET mold industry, to make GDXL as a world-class brand, to be one of the best PET mold suppliers in the world.

          • Enterprise Core Values
            Enterprise Core Values

            We always offer the best to our customers who could feel easy, feel relieved without any worries.

          • Enterprise Mission
            Enterprise Mission

            Provide PET molds with higher efficiency and longer lifetime to customers, impetus the development of the PET mold industry.

          • Business Philosophy
            Business Philosophy

            Create together, share together.

          • Management Philosophy
            Management Philosophy

            Just, fair and open.