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          Human Resources
          GDXL has  300 skillful employees working for processing.
          60% employees have been working in GDXL over 5 years.
          27% employees have been working in GDXL over 10 years.
          6% employees have been working in GDXL over 15 years.
          35% employees have been holding a diploma or a higher degree.
          Processing Equipment
          Use of the international first-class high-precision processing equipment, more than 85% of the production processing is using automatic CNC processing equipments.
          Japanese horizontal machining equipment
          Swiss high-precision grinding equipment
          Swiss EDM machine
          Swiss WEDM-LS machine
          USA CNC lathing equipment
          Japanese milling equipment
          Swiss grilling equipment
          Vacuum heat treatment furnace
          German 5 axial machining equipment
          German vertical machining equipment
          Production Management
          GDXL dedicates pursuing high-grade management and promoting automatic manufacturing workshop as a goal; aiming to improve our data management, machine operation, products efficiency, quality, safety, and cost saving etc.
          Resources System
          GDXL uses PLM and ERP system to manage and arrange our daily datum, documents, resource distribution, etc.
          Quality Control system
          GDXL has a quality control department to oversee all inspection procedure that makes sure every single component in high quality before delivery to our customers.
          Inspection Facilities
          GDXL inspection centre has over 60 high precision inspection instruments and R&D instruments which are all over US$ 2,000,000.
          Schematic diagram of mold testing and product testing
          flow chart
          Cold-fill blow mold: less than 200 cavities, 25 days
          HR blow mold: less than 100 cavities, 30 days
          Preform mold: 72 cavities, 45 days
          Preform mold: 96 cavities, 50 days
          Closure mold: 60 days
          Hot runner: 70 days
          Product Inventory
          Blow mold: 8,000 – 10,000 cavities standardized semi-finished products Peform mold: 40 sets 32 – 144 cavities standardized semi-finished products
          Blow mold:30,000 cavities per year
          Preform mold: 20,000 cavities per year
          Closure mold: 3,000 cavities per year.
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