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          Blow Molds

          GDXL has been already helping our customers to develop over 50,000 cavities of blow mold in the beverage market which using in worldwide.

                                                                                   Blow Mold Specifications

                       Bottle Type

          GDXL Mold Model

          HR Aseptic CSD Water Oil Cosmetic  pharmaceutical Blowing Machines which GDXL Molds can be Applied to
          CPM S Sidel
          CPM KR Krones
          CPM K KHS
          CPM SP SIPA
          CPM A AOKI
          CPM AS ASB
          CPM N Newamstar
          CPM T Tech-Long

          R&D Direction:                                                                                                             
          1, 360° circulating water channel in blow mould                                                                        
          2, Rear-mounted handle bottle type blow mould                                                                             
          3, Light weighting blow mould                                                                                       
          4, Low pressure blow mould